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Current Affairs Questions -MCQ (11-20 July, 2018)

Current Affairs

1 ) Question: At which one of the following places did the Election Commissioner on 19th July, 2018 inaugurate the new EVM production unit? (a) Mahendragiri (b) Bhopal (c) Bangalore (d) Pune Answer: c 2 ) Question:A world class exhibition on four eminent personalities of Bengal would be organized very …

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History Question

1. Which are the first cereals grown by Indians a. Race b. Sugarcane c. Wheat and barly d. None of these Ans : C 2. The name Inida was derived from the river name a. Ganga b. Kaveri c. Sindhu d. Krishna Ans : C 3. Which is first Indus …

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January 2018 General Awareness

General Awareness

Q.1 Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)? 1. Dilip Asbe 2. Santanu Paul 3. Rama Bijapurkar 4. Satish Pradhan 5. B. Sambamurthy Ans :Dilip Asbe Q.2 Who has been officially appointed as the brand ambassador of Sikkim? 1. Lata Mangeshkar …

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