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KBC 10 Questions and Answer Part1

The trigger of a gun is, colloquially, also known as what ?
[A] Haathi
[B] Baagh
[C] Ghoda
[D] Oant
Answer [C] Ghoda

Which of these dishes is not a single item but has two separate components ?
[A] Batata vada
[B] Dal makhni
[C] Puran poli
[D] Puri bhaji
Answer [D] Puri bhaji

Which of these numbers is normally required to verify a trasaction, when shopping online using a debit or credit card ?
Answer [C] CVV

In the film ‘Pad Man’, the character of Akshay kumar invents a low-cost machine to make what ?
[A] Paddy crushers
[B] Sanitary pads
[C] Writing pads
[D] Knee pads
Answer [B] Sanitary pads

Which of these substances is composed of only two elements – hydrogen and oxygen ?
[A] Water
[B] Salt
[C] Sugar
[D] Blood
Answer [A] Water

“Nabhah Sparsham Deeptam”, the motto of Indian Air Force, is taken from which ancient work ?
[A] Garuda Purana
[B] Valmiki Ramayan
[C] Bhagwad Gita
[D] Mundaka Upanishad
Answer [A] Water

Who was chief minister of Karnataka immediately before H D Kumaraswamy succeeded him to the post in May 2018 ?
[A] B S Yeddyurappa
[B] Siddaramaiah
[C] Dharam Singh
[D] D V Sadananda Gowda
Answer [A] B S Yeddyurappa

In which of these events at Commonwealth Games 2018 did the finals have two Indians competing for gold medal ?
[A] Men’s Singles Badminton
[B] Women’s Singles Table Tennis
[C] Men’s Singles Table Tennis
[D] Women’s Singles Badminton
Answer [D] Women’s Singles Badminton

In which language are these words in the beginning of a song from a popular Hindi film ?
[A] Punjabi
[B] Kashmiri
[C] Dogri
[D] Garhwali
Answer [B] Kashmiri

Complete this Hindi idiom: Sau baat ki ___
[A] Addhi baat
[B] Pauni baat
[C] Ek baat
[D] Dedh baat
Answer [C] Ek baat

Which of these is the name of a Zodiac sign as well as a National Award winning Hindi film actor ?
[A] Mesh
[B] Dhanu
[C] Mithun
[D] Kumbha
Answer [C] Mithun

In which song this film feature ? (Song: Ye mausam ki barish, ye barish ka pani… )
[A] Half Girlfriend
[B] Baaghi
[C] Ki & Ka
[D] OK Jaanu
Answer [A] Half Girlfriend

In the abbreviation PNR, used while issuning rail or air ticket, what does R stand for ?
[A] Reservation
[B] Record
[C] Registration
[D] Recognition
Answer [B] Record

Which is the only one of these which comes in different sizes called mini, micro and nano ?
[A] Trucks
[B] Credit Cards
[C] Cars
[D] Sim Cards
Answer [D] Sim Cards

Which of these creatures is scientifically not classified as fish ?
[A] Rohu
[B] Katla
[C] Hilsa
[D] Jhinga
Answer [D] Jhinga

Who is this person doing the shirshasana ?
[A] S Radhakrishnan
[B] Jawaharlal Nehru
[C] Morarji Desai
[D] Charan Singh
Answer [B] Jawaharlal Nehru

Which global retailer bought 77% of Flipkart for over 16 billion US Dollar in 2018 ?
[A] Amazon
[B] Rakuten
[C] Walmart
[D] Tesco
Answer [C] Walmart

In februray 2017, ISRO created a world record by launching how many satellites through a single rocket ?
[A] 34
[B] 96
[C] 104
[D] 154
Ans:[C] 104

Who among the following mythological figures got his name because of his ability to move his chariot in all directions ?
[A] Adhiratha
[B] Dasharatha
[C] Jayadratha
[D] Partha
Answer [B] Dasharatha

Which is the largest joint in the human body ?
[A] Elbow
[B] Hip
[C] Knee
[D] Shoulder
Answer [C] Knee

Which Indian state had India’s first Muslim woman chief minister ?
[A] Kerala
[B] Jammu & Kashmir
[C] Goa
[D] Assam
Ans:[D] Assam

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