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Civics General knowledge Quiz Question

Question: father of political science is considered which of the following
[A] Plato
[B] Chanakya
[C] Machiavelli
[D] Aristotle
Answer: [C] Machiavelli

Question: Which of the following is called the first political scientist
[A] Aristotle
[B] Chanakya
[C] Plato
[D] None of the above
Answer: [A] Aristotle

Question: According to Kautilya are many points of the state
[A] 7
[B] 5
[C] 3
[D] 6
Answer: [A] 7

Question: What is the meaning of red tape in the administration
[A] delay
[B] favor
[C] public servants of negligence
[D] None of the above
Answer: [A] delay

Question: Liberalism is the parent who is supposed to be
[A] John Locke
[B] Rousseau
[C] Aristotle
[D] None of the above
Answer: [A] John Locke

Question: is comparative said who the father of political science
[A] Aristotle
[B] Plato
[C] Chanakya
[D] None of the above
Answer: [A] Aristotle

Question: Who presides over the parliamentary system cabinet meetings?
[A] Minister
[B] President
[C] Prime Minister
[D] Speaker
Answer: [C] PM

Question: Using the word reign in the modern sense was by whom first?
[A] Machiavelli
[B] Plato
[C] Chanakya
[D] Aristotle
Answer: [A] Machiavelli

Question: Man is a social animal | This statement is what the following
[A] Aristotle
[B] Chanakya
[C] Plato
[D] None of the above
Answer: [A] Aristotle

Question: Justice is the concept of how
[A] social
[B] earthing
[C] moral
[D] Legal
Answer: [D] legal

Question: Nazism is to relate the following
[A] Hitler
[B] Lenin
[C] Aristotle
[D] Chanakya
Answer: [A] Hitler

Question: Which of the following may participate in the proceedings of either House of Parliament
[A] Vice President
[B] Attorney General
[C] CJ
[D] None of the above
Answer: [B] Attorney General

Question: What system is in India
[A] adhyaksatmaka
[B] half adhyaksatmaka
[C] parliamentary
[D] Semi-Parliamentary
Answer: [C] parliamentary

Question: What is a responsible for the actions of the governor
[A] PM
[B] Chief
[C] parliament
[D] President
Answer: [D] President

Question: democratic socialism is considered persuasive whom
[A] Indira Gandhi
[B] Jawaharlal Nehru
[C] Adwarld Berntronstran
[D] Hitler
Answer: [C] Adwarld Berntronstran

Question: The financial emergency under which article of the Constitution
[A] 358
[B] 360
[C] 356
[D] 332
Answer: [B] 360

Question: Who was the first president of the Indian National Congress, India’s independence?
[A] Motilal Nehru
[B] Mahatma Gandhi
[C] Jawaharlal Nehru
[D] J. B. Kripalani
Answer: [D] J. B. Kripalani

Question: Prime Minister _______
are [A] ‘appointed’ to
[B] are ‘nominated’ to
the [C] ‘selected’ you
are [D] ‘elected’
are Answer: [A] ‘appointed’

Question: Who presides over the joint session of both Houses of Parliament
[A] speaker
[B] Vice President
[C] President
[D] Prime
Answer: [A] Speaker

Question: Team India’s democracy which were major supporters of the idea
[A] JP
[B] GB Mavalankar
[C] Vinobaji
[D] None of the above
Answer: [A] JP

Question: the Constitution’s spirit is considered
[A] Introduction
[B] a fundamental right
[C] basic duty
[D] prime minister elected
Answer: [A] Introduction

Question: The President of India is the method of removal from office?
[A] a motion by the
[B] impeachment by the
[C] judicial process
[D] by referendum
Answer: [B] by impeachment

Question: Which of the following is established by the Constitution?
[A] Regional Council
[B] Planning Commission
[D] None of the above
Answer: [A] Regional Council

Question: What about the no-confidence motion means
[A] president in disbelief
[B] Prime disbelief
[C] confidence in Parliament
[D] Minister disbelief Council
Answer: [D] Minister disbelief Council

Question: reorganization of states on linguistic happened?
[A] 1956
[b] 1960
[C] 1966
[d] 1950
Answer: [coming] 1956

Question: “Indian Constitution lawyers of heaven” This statement is what the following
[A] Motilal Nehru
[B] Jawaharlal Nehru
[C] BN Rao
[D] Sir Aivr Jennings
Answer: [D] Sir Aivr Jennings

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