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Science Sample Multiply Questions and Ans

1. The element of an electric stove is made of–
(A) copper
(B) aluminium
(C) magnalium
(D) nicrome
Ans : (D)
2. The red blood cells are formed in the–
(A) heart
(B) liver
(C) lymph nodes
(D) bone marrow
Ans : (D)
3. Wet-bulb and dry-bulb thermo-meters are used to determine–
(A) the minimum temperature at a place in any 24-hour period
(B) relative humidity
(C) air pressure
(D) the maximum temperature at a place in any 24-hour period
Ans : (B)

4. Which of the following diseases is generally spread by fleas ?
(A) Small pox
(B) Tetanus
(C) Typhus
(D) Yellow fever
Ans : (D)
5. All of the following are plant products except–
(A) cork
(B) hemp
(C) silk
(D) linen
Ans : (C)
6. Which of the following colours has got the maximum refractive index for glass ?
(A) Blue
(B) Green
(C) Red
(D) Indigo
Ans : (C)
7. For digestion of fat, bile is needed. This is secreted by the–
(A) stomach
(B) pituitary gland
(C) pancreas
(D) liver
Ans : (D)
8. A triode differs from a diode in the way that–
(A) it can amplify a signal (B) it has vacuum inside
(C) it has a heated cathode (D) its current is caused by the photoelectric effect
Ans : (A)
9. Liquids transmit pressure equally in all directions. This is known as–
(A) Boyle-Pascal’s Law
(B) Pascal’s Law
(C) Archimedes’ Principal
(D) None of the above
Ans : (B)
10. The theory of inheritance of acquired characters was propounded by–
(A) Charles Darwin
(B) Gregor Mendel
(C) J. B. Lamarck
(D) Weismann
Ans : (C)
11. Radioactive substances can be produces readily in–
(A) an electron gun (B) an atomic pile
(C) a transistor (D) a Wilson cloud chamber
Ans : (B)
12. Which one of the following substances is obtained by the fractionation of human blood ?
(A) Antivenom serum (B) Gamma globulin
(C) Polio vaccine (D) Diphtheria antitoxin
Ans : (B)
13. Excessive secretion from the pituitary gland in children results in–
(A) increased height
(B) retarded growth
(C) weakening of bones
(D) None of the above
Ans : (A)
14. In which of the following pairs, the two substances forming the pairs are chemically most dissimilar ?
(A) Sugar and paper
(B) Butter and paraffin wax
(C) Chalk and marble
(D) Charcoal and diamond
Ans : (B)
15. Primary rainbow is formed when light suffers–
(A) two internal refractions before emerging out of the drop
(B) one internal refraction before emerging out of the drop
(C) no internal refraction
(D) either one or two internal refractions before emerging out of the drop
Ans : (B)
16. One of the isotopes of iodine has a “half life” of 25 minutes. This information tells us that if we start with a given quantity of the isotopes, 50 minutes later there will remain–
(A) one-fourth of the original amount
(B) approximately the same amount
(C) one-half of the original amount
(D) none
Ans : (A)
17. The most abundant element the earth’s atmosphere is–
(A) carbon dioxide
(B) hydrogen
(C) oxygen
(D) nitrogen
Ans : (D)
18. Astigmatism (for a human eye) can be removed by using–
(A) concave lens
(B) convex lens
(C) cylindrical lens
(D) prismatic lens
Ans : (C)
19. How can the spherical aberration of a human eye be corrected ?
(A) By using a cylindrical lens
(B) By using a plano-convex lens
(C) By using a thin lens
(D) None of the above
Ans : (B)
20. An electric bell is placed inside a bell jar which is connected to a vacuum pump. When the bell jar is completely evacuated–
(A) no sound can be heard
(B) the loudness of the sound will remain unchanged
(C) the loudness of the sound will increase
(D) the loudness of the sound will decrease
Ans : (A)



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