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Objective Current Affairs Questions 29 December 2018

The 26th edition of National Children’s Science Congress has begun in which city?
a) New Delhi
b) Bhopal
c) Bhubaneswar
d) Pune
Ans: c) Bhubaneswar

Power Ministry mandated the use of smart prepaid electricity meters in the country beginning from which of the following month?
(a)January 2019
(b)April 2019
(c)March 2019
(d)May 2019

Justice Praveen Kumar appointed Acting Chief Justice of Which State High Court?
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Bihar
C) Chhattisgarh
D) Delhi
Answer: A

President RN Kovind inaugurated the cenetenary celebrations of the Yoga Institute,the world’s oldest organized institute of yoga studies in which city?

Recently 485 schemes of 37 departments launched by CM of Haryana under which initiative?
(a)Mhara Haryana
(b)Skill Development
(c)Digital Haryana
(d)Green & clean Haryana

Who named most admired man for 11th year in a row?
A) Donald Trump
B) George W. Bush
C) Barack Obama
D) Bill Clinton
Answer: C

Which States to get separate High Courts?
A) Assam & AP
B) Telangana & AP
C) Telangana & Bihar
D) Telangana & Assam
Answer: B

On the eve of former late PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s 94th birth anniversary dubbed as ‘Good Governance Day’, Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar launched 485 schemes of 37 departments under ‘Digital Haryana’ initiative.
(a)West Bengal

Which country has launched its first messaging app BizBarde?
a) Iran
b) Turkmenistan
c) Iraq
d) Sri Lanka
Ans: b) Turkmenistan

Atal Ayushman Yojana was recently launched in which state?
(b)Andhra Pradesh

Which Bank Topped List of Banks Penalising Staff For Fraud in 2015-2017 according to RBI?
A) Bank of India
B) Andhra Bank
Answer: D

The Indian Railways has decided to give how much concession in fares to Transgender senior citizens?
a) 50 percent
b) 80 percent
c) 40 percent
d) 60 percent
Answer:c) 40 percent

Who wins Balkan Athlete of The Year Award 2018?
A) Dejan Lovren
B) Ivan Rakitic
C) Luka Modric
D) Lovre Kalinic
Answer: C

Supreme Court ordered to translocated Gir lions from Gujarat to which place
(b)Kuno,Madhya Pradesh
(d)Dudhwa ,Uttar Pradesh

Which Arab nation has resumed diplomatic services in its embassy in Syria after 6 years of suspension?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) UAE
c) Qatar
d) Bahrain
Ans:b) UAE

Which American adventurer First Person to complete solo trek across Antarctica?
A) Colin O’Brady
B) Reinhold Messner
C) Santosh Yadav
D) Apa Sherpa
Answer: A

Divya Patidar Joshi, who has been crowned Mrs India 2018, is from which state?
a) Gujarat
b) Rajasthan
c) Madhya Pardesh
d) Uttar Pradesh
Ans:c) Madhya Pardesh

Recently a Tribal community Baduga has been celebrated annual Heddaiyamman festival belongs to which state?
(c)Tamil Nadu

Which Country navigation satellite system BeiDou starts providing global service?
A) Japan
B) China
C) India
D) None of the above
Answer: B

India will give Rs. 4,500 crore financial assistance to which country for its 12th five-year plan?
a) Iraq
b) Nepal
c) Bhutan
d) Sri Lanka
Ans:c) Bhutan

Recently Govt extended ban on import of which products from China for 4 months till April 23, 2019?
(a)Gems and precious metals

Which organisation recently launched the Survey on Retail Payment Habits of Individuals (SRPHi)?
a) Securities Exchange Board of India
b) NITI Aayog
c) Ministry of Commerce
d) Reserve Bank of India
Ans:d) Reserve Bank of India

Who has been conferred with the ‘Tansen Samman’ for 2018 by the Madhya Pradesh government?
a) Dalchan Sharma
b) Natrang Pratishthan
c) Manju Mehta
d) Alka Mathur
Ans:c) Manju Mehta

Who has been appointed as India’s new chief boxing coach?
a) CA Kuttappa
b) Vijender Singh
c) Mohammed Ali Qamar
d) Akhil Kumar
Ans:a) CA Kuttappa

Recently which Indian won US Kids Jr Golf World Championship
(a)Arjun Bhati
(b)Aarnav Nath
(c)Gurnavjeet Singh Bhatia
(d)Harjai Milkha Singh

Which Arab nation has resumed diplomatic services in its embassy in Syria after 6 years of suspension?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) UAE
c) Qatar
d) Bahrain
Ans:b) UAE

Recently who has been conferred by Mohammed Rafi Lifetime Achievement Award
(a)Kumar Sanu
(b)Jagjit Singh
(c)Nasir Hussain
(d)Laxmikant Shantaram

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