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Objective Current Affairs Questions 11 January 2019

Which Island has become first Island in India to operate seaplanes that can land on or take-off from the water?
a) Majuli Island
b) Minicoy Island
c) Andaman Islands
d) Nicobar Islands
Ans:c) Andaman

Who became the Chief Economist recently in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)?
A. Archana Singh
B. Rajput Rajput
C. Nikita Chauhan
D. Geeta gopinath
Correct Answer: D.Gita Gopinath

The exemption limit of which tax is doubled to give relief to small businesses.
A. Goods and Service Tax
B. Capital Gains Tax
C. Corporate Tax
D. Value Added Tax
Answer: Option A

Which education institute recently achieved success in the preparation of space fuels in the laboratory?
a. IIT Madras
b. IIT Delhi
c. Bangalore Institute of Space Technology
d. Pune Astro College
Ans: a IIT Madras

What is the full name of IMF?
A. India Monetary Fund
B. International Money Fund
C. International Monetary Fund
D. None of these
Correct Answer :C.International Monetary Fund

Who has been ranked World’s top woman boxer by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) in the 48kg category?
A. Pinki Jangra
B. Mary Kom
C. Hanna Okhota
D. Manisha Maun
Answer: Option B

What is the name of Justice who withdraws from the constitutional bench hearing the Ayodhya case?
a Justice UU Lalit
b. Justice AK Sinha
c. Justice R Bhole
d. Justice Dinkar Tripathi
Ans. a Justice U.U. Lalit

Who inagurated India’s Longest Single Lane Steel Cable Bridge, recently?
A. Shri Pawan Kumar Chamling
B. Shri Pema Khandu
C. Shri Nitish Kumar
D. Shri Kiren Rijiju
Answer: Option B

Recently, which city police launched ‘Police-E-Eye’ mobile app?
A. Punjab
B. Lucknow
C. Coimbatore
D. None of these
Correct Answer:C. Coimbatore

Who won Kolkata Open 2018 International Invitation Snooker Championship ?
A.Aditya Mehta
B.Suresh Gopala
C.Naresh iyer
D.Kailash Yadav
Correct Ans:Option A

Recently, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare has launched the Eliza kit. Elijah kit will be used to deal with which of the following animal diseases?
a Polio
b Infectious anemia
c. Fever
d. Diarrhea
Ans: b Infectious anemia

The first-ever India-Central Asia Dialogue to be held in:
a) Uzbekistan
b) Tajikistan
c) Turkmenistan
d) Kazakhstan
Ans: a) Uzbekistan

Recently, where did the second edition of India Youth Games begin?
A. Pune
B. Chennai
C. Nagpur
D. new Delhi
Correct Answer: A.Pune

Which of the following countries will host the Africa Cup of Nations-2013?
a Egypt
b. South Africa
c. Congo
d. Morocco
Ans: a Egypt

Who was awarded the ‘National Dance Shiromani’ Award for the year 2019?
A. Vaibhavi kumari
B. Happy gautam
C. Anindita Niyogi Anonymous
D. None of these
Correct Answer: C.Anindita Niyogi Anonymous

Which NASA satellite recently discovered the planet three times as big as the planet?
b. Zenith
c. Optra
d. Discovery
Ans. a TESS

Where will the first Global Aviation Conference 2019 be organized?
A. Pune
B. Mumbai
C. Haridabad
D. new Delhi
Correct Answer: B.Mumbai

Who has recently been appointed as the Interim Director of CBI, in place of Alok Verma?
a M Nageshwar Rao
b. V P Pant
c. Aniruddh Sharma
d. Vivek Bansal
Ans: a M Nageshwar Rao

How many districts have been included under the Beti Bachao Beti Pachao scheme in India?
A. 420 districts
B. 540 districts
C. 640 districts
D. To 700 districts
Correct Answer: C.640 districts

Which country topped the Economist Intelligence Unit 2018 Democracy Index?
a) Sweden
b) Iceland
c) New Zealand
d) Norway
Ans:d) Norway

Who is the current president of the Indian Railway Board?
A. Anupam Kher
B. Piyush Goyal
C. Vinod Kumar Yadav
D. None of these
Correct Answer:C. Vinod Kumar Yadav

What is the name of the women officer who is leading the army team for the first time in Army Day parade program?
a Divya Awasthi
b. Amrita Jain
c. Sense musk
d. Shika tiwari
Ans: c. Sense musk

Where will the 86th national billiards and snooker championship be organized recently?
A. Indore
B. Jaipur
C. Nagpur
D. Haridabad
Correct Answer: A.Indore

The online campaign to discover & celebrate the exceptional achievement of women who have been driving positive social change via social media is:
a) Women in Social Media
b) Web- Wonder Women
c) India & Women Web
d) None of these
Ans: b) Web- Wonder Women

Who became the Chairman of the Global Solar Council recently?
A. Arun Kumar
B. Ramnaman Singh
C. Pranav R Mehta
D. None of these
Correct Answer: C.Pranav R Mehta

Under which scheme, the Central Government has approved the construction of 1-1 AIIMS in Samba, Pulwama and Rajkot of Gujarat in Jammu and Kashmir at a cost of Rs 4,684 crore?
a Prime Minister’s Health Protection Scheme
b. Prime Minister Money Scheme
c. Prime Minister Mata Vandana Yojana
d. Prime minister housing scheme
Ans: a Prime Minister’s Health Protection Scheme

Under which scheme, the RBI has recently issued guidelines for changing sensitive details of the card to a token with a unique code?
a Safetyism
b. Tokenization
c. Techworld
d. Make it up
Ans. b. Tokenization

What was India’s rank in the the Economist Intelligence Unit 2018 Democracy Index?
a) 25
b) 36
c) 41
d) 46
Ans:c) 41

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has named former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and former Chief Minister Raman Singh as National Vice President of the party?
a Chhattisgarh
b. Tripura
c. Uttarakhand
d. Manipur
Ans: a. Chhattisgarh

What percentage of rates have been raised by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the government advertisements given to the print media?
a 35%
b. 25%
c. 55%
d. 45%
Ans. b. 25%

Which of the following is the primary purpose of the “Gangajal Project” launched by PM Modi?
a) Ganga Rejuvenation
b) Improve water supply in Varanasi
c) Improve transportation of holy water from Varanasi to Puri
d) Improve water supply in Agra
Ans: d) Improve water supply in Agra

Which state’s Chief Minister Pema Khandu inaugurated the country’s longest single lane steel cable suspension bridge?
a Arunachal Pradesh
b. Karnataka
c. Punjab
d. Tamil Nadu
Ans. a Arunachal Pradesh

Which grading index has been introduced by HRD Ministry to assess quality of school education in states?
a) 60-point
b) 70-point
c) 75-point
d) 80-point
Ans:b) 70-point

India’s longest single-lane steel cable suspension bridge is located in:
a) Meghalaya
b) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Himachal Pradesh
d) Sikkim
Ans: b) Arunachal Pradesh

Who is the author of the book titled ‘We Are Displaced’?
a) Salman Rushdie
b) Shashi Tharoor
c) Mansi Gulati
d) Malala Yousafzai
Ans:d) Malala Yousafzai

January 10 is celebrated as the “World Hindi Day”, it was celebrated for the first time in:
a) 1947
b) 1975
c) 2002
d) 2015
Ans: b) 1975

Which nation is set to become the third-largest consumer market behind US and China by 2030, as per the World Economic Forum?
a) Japan
b) UK
c) India
d) Canada
Ans:c) India

Which of the following Indian state has set to introduce Universal Basic Income?
a) Sikkim
b) Kerela
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Gujarat
Ans: a) Sikkim

Who has become the first monarch of Malaysia to resign before completing tenure?
a) Abdul Halim
b) Ismail Petra
c) Nasiruddin Shah
d) Muhammad V
Ans:d) Muhammad V

Who has become the first Indian to head the Global Solar Council?
a) Partha Pratim Chakraborty
b) Gautam Biswas
c) Pranav R Mehta
d) None of these
Ans: c) Pranav R Mehta

Which Indian pavilion has won the ‘Exhibitor of the Year Award’ at 106th Indian Science Congress (ISC-2019)?
Ans:a) DRDO

Which Indian boxer fetched number one position in the International Boxing Association’s (AIBA) latest world rankings?
a) Vijendra Singh
b) Mary Kom
c) Vinesh Phogat
d) Dinesh Kumar
Ans:b) Mary Kom

Who among the following has been named as the 2018 Confederation of African Football Player of the Year?
a) Kalidou Koulibaly
b) Didier Drogba
c) George Weah
d) Mohamed Salah
Ans:d) Mohamed Salah

India has allowed an Iranian bank to open a branch in Mumbai. Name that bank?
a) Pasargad Bank
b) Parsian Bank
c) Tejarat Bank
d) Maskan Bank
Ans:a) Pasargad Bank

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