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Objective Current Affairs Questions 09 January 2019

Which judge has replaced Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi in the panel headed by PM Modi that will decide on the fate of recently reinstated CBI Director Alok Verma?
a) Justice AK Sikri
b) Justice RF Nariman
c) Justice AM Khanwilkar
d) Justice DY Chandrachud
Ans:(a) Justice AK Sikri

The recently approved the imposition of 1% disaster cess (SASE) in which the state GST Council of Ministers Group
A) Manipur
B) Kerala
C) Telangana
D) Orissa

The 1st Ever Global Aviation Summit, 2019 with the theme “Flying for all” will be held in which city of India?
a) New Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Pune
d) Dehradun
Ans:b) Mumbai

The RBI constituted a high-level committee to strengthen the safety and security of digital payments in the country. Who will head this panel?
a) N. R. Narayana Murthy
b) S. D. Shibulal
c) Kris Gopalakrishnan
d) Nandan Nilekani
Ans:d) Nandan Nilekani

The constitution bench that will hear the Ayodhya land dispute case shall comprise how many judges?
a) Five
b) Four
c) Three
d) Two
Ans:(a) Five

The Union Cabinet has recently approved a reservation at what percentage for ‘economically backward’ upper castes in government jobs?
a) 5%
b) 8%
c) 10%
d) 12%
Ans:c) 10%

How can I completely ban the use of polythene on AAI many airports in the country Authority
A) L0
B) L2
C) L5
D) L6

Who is the recipient of the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award for Investigative Reporting (Print category)?
a) Sandhya Ravishankar
b) Anand Kumar Patel
c) S Vijay Kumar
d) Sushant Kumar Singh
Ansc) S Vijay Kumar

The Lok Sabha has passed which bill that seeks to make illegal migrants from 6 religions eligible for citizenship?
a) Citizenship Amendment bill
b) Citizen Charter Bill
c) Refugee and Migrant Bill
d) National Register of Citizens Bill
Ans:(a) Citizenship Amendment bill

Which Indian organization has recently signed MoU with SAMEER for research in Communication Navigation and Surveillance (CNS)?
c) AAI
Ans:c) AAI

Who among the following has resigned as chairman of the World Bank
A) Xi Jinping
B) Jim Yong Kim
C) Donald Trump
D) Kristalina Jarjiwa

Which country has recently signed Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) Into Law?
a) Russia
b) United States
c) China
d) France
Ans:b) United States

Which nation was chosen to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, replacing the original hosts Cameroon?
a) Morocco
b) UAE
c) Egypt
d) South Africa
Ans:(c) Egypt

Which city will host the Global Healthcare Summit 2019?
a) Hyderabad
b) Jaipur
c) Chandigarh
d) Gurgaon
Ans:a) Hyderabad

First Global Conference Aviyashn Does this theme in 2019 is being held in Mumbai
A) Flying for All
B) save Global Diversity
C) Save Year Pollution
D) none

Jim Yong Kim is going to step down on February 1 as the President of which international organisation?
a) World Health Organisation
b) Asian Development Bank
c) International Monetary Organisation
d) World Bank
Ans:d) World Bank

Recently Microsoft who left behind C Company went the company’s most valued for the first time in the world?
A. Walmart
b. TCS
c. Wipro
d. Amazon
Answer: d. Amazon

Fringe Benefits words recently has been discussed in which the right to respect
A) employees have to pay Fringe Benefit name other services in addition to allowances
B) overtime work by employees
C) is suitable for both right
D) none of these
Ans:A) employees have to pay Fringe Benefit name other services in addition to allowances

The Union Government has amalgamated which of the following Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) into a single RRB?
a) Punjab Gramin Bank and Sarva UP Gramin Bank
b) Malwa Gramin Bank and Allahabad UP Gramin Bank
c) Sarva UP Gramin Bank and Gramin Bank of Aryavart
d) Punjab Gramin Bank, Malwa Gramin Bank and Sutlej Gramin Bank
Ans:d) Punjab Gramin Bank, Malwa Gramin Bank and Sutlej Gramin Bank

HRD went early 70-point grading index ministry What is the purpose
A) to reduce environmental pollution in the country
B) to check the quality of schooling
C) promote farmers’ income
D) all right is
Ans:B) to check the quality of schooling

Which country’s team has clinched the 2019 Hopman Cup title?
a) Germany
b) India
c) Switzerland
d) England
Ans:c) Switzerland

Which state Tops Logistics Performance Index Chart: Report ?
B.Andhra Pradesh
C.Arunachal Pradesh
Correct Ans:Option A

Which Indian origin personality has joined IMF as its first female Chief Economist?
a) K S Chithra
b) Shobhana Bhartia
c) Gita Gopinath
d) Padmasree Warrior
Ans:c) Gita Gopinath

The Lok Sabha has passed the Personal Laws (Amendment Bill), 2018 to remove which disease as a ground for divorce?
b) Asthma
c) Leprosy
d) Schizophrenia
Ans:c) Leprosy

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