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ADO.NET interview Questions-Part 2

1.What are the advantages of ADO.NET? The advantages of ADO.NET are as follows:- It is not dependent on live connection The data can be cached in Datasets Data Source independent of Datasets The data’s are persisted in the XML Data Structure are defined by schemas 2.Name some of the top …

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ADO.NET interview Questions-Part 1

What is the namespace in which .NET has the data functionality classes? .NET provides the following name functionality:- System.data System.XML System.Data.OleDB System.Data.SqlClient 2. What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET? The two fundamental objects in ADO.NET Datareader Dataset 3. What is difference between dataset and datareader? The major difference …

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Interview Question and Answer asp.net Version 1

Q : What are the 2 types of controls that you can use on a webform in ASP.NET? Ans : Web Server Controls HTML Controls Q : What’s the difference between Server controls and HTML controls? Ans : 1. Server controls can trigger control-specific events on the server.HTML controls can trigger only …

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