Objective Current Affairs Questions 11 January 2019

Current Affairs 11 January 2019

Which Island has become first Island in India to operate seaplanes that can land on or take-off from the water? a) Majuli Island b) Minicoy Island c) Andaman Islands d) Nicobar Islands Ans:c) Andaman Who became the Chief Economist recently in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)? A. Archana Singh B. …

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Objective Current Affairs Questions 07 January 2019

Question 1. VIII entitled to free and compulsory child education class (Amendment) gave recently who approved the bill in 2019? A. Parliamentary b. RS c. Supreme Court d. The High Court Answer: b. Rajya Sabha Recently, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) declared how many monuments as “protected and of national …

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Objective Current Affairs Questions 04 January 2019

4-JANUARY 2019 Current Affairs

The Reserve Bank of India on January 2, 2019 constituted UK Sinha led Expert Committee to revive which sector? a) MSME b) Handloom c) Agriculture d) Infrastructure Ans:(a) MSME Cabinet recently approved the restructuring of National Health Agency to which name? A)National Health Authority B)National Health Approval C)National Health Administration …

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Objective Current Affairs Questions 03 January 2019


Which country has announced 2019 as the ‘Year of Active Investment and Social Development’ in backdrop of wider business with India? a) Kyrgyzstan b) Tajikistan c) Turkmenistan d) Uzbekistan Ans:d) Uzbekistan This country successfully tested Russia’s S-400 missile air defence system worth USD 3 billion. A. UK B. India C. …

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