Computer Awareness 1


1. ____________ is a set of computer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks.  a) An instruction b) Software c) Memory d) A processor 1. b) Software 2. System software is the set of programs that enables your computer’s hardware devices and ____________ software to work together.  a) …

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REASONING Question 1

Ques 1.Three measuring rods are 64 cm,80 cm and 96 cm in length . What is the least length of cloth that can can be measured exact number of times using any one of these rods? (a) 9.60 m (b) 8 m (c) 9.60 cm (d) 96 m Ans 1. …

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Number Series Quiz IBPS

Question 1. What should come at the place of question mark (?) in the following number series? 70, 105, 158, 237, ?, 510  A. 315 B. 298 C. 296 D. 351 E. 397 Ans. D. Solution:  Question 2. What should come at the place of question mark (?) in the …

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Average – Aptitude Questions and Answers

1 – “The average weight of 39 Students in a class is 23. Among them Sita is the heaviest while Tina is the lightest. If both of them are excluded from the class still the average remains same. The ratio of weight of Sita to Tina is 15:8.Then what is …

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