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KBC Question and Answer Episode 5

1 ) According to Hindu mythology, who incarnated as Rama in the Treta Yuga and as Krishna in the Dwapara Yuga?
Ans: Vishnu
2 ) Which police officer’s biography is titled ‘I Dare!’?
A) Kiran Bedi
B) J F Ribeiro
C) Hemant Karkare
D) K P S Gill
Ans is A) Kiran Bedi
3 ) In the Kurukshetra war, Arjuna shot arrows at Bhishma hiding behind which character?
A) Dhrishtadyumna
B) Shikhandi
C) Satyaki
D) Virata
Ans is B) Shikhandi
4 ) In which city are the tomb of Ibrahim Lodi and the samadhi of king Hemu located?
A) Delhi
B) Agra
C) Paniput
D) Ambala
Ans is C) Paniput
5 ) In which of these areas in India would you find the ‘kiang’ the largest variety of Asiatic wild ass?
A) Kutch
B) Bundelkhand
C) Ladakh
D) Dooars
Ans is C) Ladakh
6 ) Starting with the least, arrange these cloth items according to the amount of cloth normally required to make them.
A. Saree
B. Blouse
D. Pyjama
7 ) Which of these proverbs would you use to describe someone getting married?
A: Haath Baandhna
B: Haath Phailana
C: Haath Peeley Karna
D: Haath Laal Karna
Ans; C: Haath Peeley Karna
8 ) How many queens are there in a game of carrom?
A. 2
B. 1
C. 3
D. 4
Ans; B. 1
9 ) Javitri, used as a spice, is the fragrant part of the kernel of what ?
A. Saffron
B. Cumin
C. Black pepper
D. Nutmeg
Ans: D. Nutmeg
10 ) What part of the body is normally cut open during an appendix operation?
A: Abdomen
B: Chest
C: Head
D: Neck
Ans: A: Abdomen
11 ) According to the Bhagavat Purana, who among the following once changed the course of the river Yamuna with a plough?
A) Krishna
B) Kamsa
C) Balarama
D) Bhima
Ans: A: Balarama
12 ) Which of these Indian states has six states sharing its boundary?
A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Chattisgarh
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Rajasthan
Ans is B) Chattisgarh
13 ) Which of these did German scientists Fntz Haber and Karl Bosch synthesise through an industrial process in 1909?
A) Ammonia
B) Methane
C) Nitrogen
D) Oxygen
Ans is A) Ammonia
14 ) Who is the director of the film ‘Mitr’, My Friend which had primarily an all female filming crew?
A) Aparna Sen
B) Revathi
C) Sai Paranjpe
D) Deepa Mehta
Ans: B. Revathi
15 ) What title did Mahatma Gandhi give to his 1908 translation of John Ruskin’s work, “Unto the Last?”
A) Satyagraha
B) Sarvodaya
C) Ahimsa
D) Khilafat
Ans is B) Sarvodaya
16 ) Who is the only Indian to have won a gold medal in the 100m sprint at the Asian Games?
A) Ajmer Singh
B) M Gabriel
C) Kennath Powell
D) Lavy Pinto
Ans is D) Lavy Pinto
17 ) According to the western calander which of the following festival is celebrated on the same date every year?
A) Guru Nanak Jayanti
B) Id-Ul -Fiter
C) Christmas
D) Mahashivratri
Ans: C) Christmas
18 ) In which river is the Majuli Island, one of the largest river island in the world,situated?
A) Ganga
B) Tungabhadra
C) Kaveri
D) Brahmaputra
Ans is D) Brahmaputra
19 ) When the Punjab National Bank was established in Lahore, who was the first person to open an account there?
A) Lala Lajpat Rai
B) Lala Hansraj
C) Lala Har Dayal
D) Swami Dayanand Saraswati
Ans is A) Lala Lajpat Rai
20 ) Starting with the earliest arrange these scholars in chronological order .
A. Galileo Galilei
B. Chanakya
C. Amartya Sen
D. Albert Einstein
Ans : B-A-D-C.
21 ) What are ‘pichhwai’ and ‘phad’ with respect to a Rajasthani art form ?
A. Textile Weaving Art
B. Folk Painting
C. Tattooing
D. Puppet Dance
Ans: B. Folk Painting
22 ) In which of these sports do Jhulan Goswami, Mithali Raj and Poonam Raut represent india?
A; Hockey
B: Table Tennis
C: Cricket
D: Wrestling
Ans: C: Cricket
23 ) At what temperature do the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales show the same reading ?
A. -60 degrees
B. 40 degrees
C. 80 degrees
D. -40 degrees.
A: D. -40 degrees.
24 ) Which of these would an invigilator most likely check if you are sitting in an examination?
A: Sim Card
B: Admit Card
C: Visiting Card
D: Debit Card
Ans: B: Admit Card
25 ) What does the ‘E’ stand for in ‘EVM’ , an instrument used in elections ?
A. Electronic
B. Election
C. Exit Poll
D. Evaluation
Ans : A. Electronic
26 ) Who is the only me of the 15th Lok Sabha to get elected to the House unopposed?
A. Agatha Sagma
B. Dimple Yadav
C. Kanimozhi
D. H. K. Badal
Ans: B. Dimple Yadav
27 ) In which state Manesar is there?
A. Gujrat
B. Hariayan
C. Punjab
D. U.P.
Ans: Hariyana
28 ) Which of these father-son pairs have serves as CM of two different states?
A: Mulayam-Akhilesh Yadav
B: Farukh Abdhulla-Omar Abdullah
C: Biju Patnaik- Naveen Patnaik
D: H N Bahuguna- Vijay Bahuguna
Ans: H N Bahuguna-Vijay Bahuguna
29 ) Which of these expressions is used to indicate very hot weather?
A: Ang – Ang tootna
B: Angaare barasna
C: Angaaron Par Pair Rakhna
D: Angaaron Par lotna
30 ) In the Mahabharata, who among the following knew the art of exiting ‘Chakravyuha’ battle formation?
A) Abhimanyu
B) Adhiratha
C) Akrura
D) Arjuna
Answer: A) Abhimanyu
31 ) Before becoming the President of India, Ramnath Kovind has been the Governor / Governor of which state?
A Uttar Pradesh
B Jharkhand
C Rajasthan
D Bihar
Answer: Bihar
32 ) According to the Ramayana, who was pleased with the austerity of Brahma ji and composed Ahilya for him?
A atri
B. Sadanand
C Gautam
D Kashyap
Answer: Gautam
33 ) Who is the youngest Indian woman to win an Olympic medal?
A PV Indus
B witness owner
C Mary Com
D Saina Nehwal
Answer: PV Sindhu
34 ) In football, which of these players wears a different color jersey from the rest of the team on the field?
A Forward
B goalkeeper
C defender
D midfielder
Answer: goalkeeper
35 ) Which of the following is done by lying on the back of Yogasana?
A Bhujangasan
B Padmasana
C Garudasan
D respiration
Answer: Shavasana
36 ) Who is the first Indian woman wrestler to receive the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award?
A Geeta Fogat
B witness Malik
C babita kumari
D. Vineesh Fogat
Answer: Sakshi Malik
37 ) Who has dedicated his Bharat Ratna to his mother and every mother who sacrificed his own desires for his child?
B Amartya Sen
C A P J Abdul Kalam
D Sachin Tendulkar
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar (2014)
38 ) Which of these was not invented in the 21st century?
A iPhone
B Skype
C Google
D youtube
Answer: Google 1998
39 ) Which Indian hill station means the land of Vajra in Tibetan language?
A Gangtok
B Aizawl
C Darjeeling
D Kohima
Answer: Darjeeling
40 ) Mystery of Nagas’ and ‘Swap of Vayu Pooters’ is the Hindi title of which famous writer’s books?
A Arvind Adiga
B young tejpal
C Raskin Bond
D Amish
Answer: Amish (Secret of the Nagas, Auth of the Vayuputras)
41 ) Which international airport in India became the world’s first airport to operate entirely on solar energy?
A Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi
B Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, Mumbai
C Rajiv Gandhi Airport, Hyderabad
D Cochin Airport, Kochi
North Cochin Airport, Kochi
42 ) Which of these games became part of the Rio Olympics held in 2016 after 112 years?
A cricket
B golf
C rugby
D judo
Answer: Golf
43 ) Which of these politicians did not work in any armed force?
A Rajesh Pilot
B Rajyavardhan Singh Rathod
C. Amarinder Singh
D Rajeev Gandhi
Ans: Rajiv Gandhi
44 ) Which of these rivers flows inside the Indian border?
A Jhelum
B Chenab
C Brahmaputra
D Beas
Answer: Beas
45 ) Which of these Big Cat does not have the ability to roam loudly?
A Jaguar
B Snow Leopard
C Royal Bengal Tiger
D Asiatic lion
Answer: Snow leopard
46 ) What is the image file of these?
47 ) Which of these sports competitions are not organized every year?
A Davis Cup
B Paralympic Games
C Indian Premier League
D Wimbledon
North Paralympic Games (every 4 years)
48 ) In which of these identities, biometric information is included?
A Voter ID
B ration card
C Aadhar card
D pan card
Answer: Aadhar card
49 ) Which of these diseases is caused by a parasite protozoan?
A malaria
B cholera
C smallpox
D Tetanus
North malaria
50 ) Which of these leaders made popular by restoring Ganesh Chaturthi festival in India?
A Bal Gangadhar Tilak
B Bipin Chandra Pal
C Lala Lajpat Rai
D Bhimrao Ambedkar
Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak
51 ) Which of the following languages is included in the eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution?
A Bhojpuri
B Dogri
C period
D translucent language
Answer: Dogri
52 ) Which of these political leaders is famous for the name of Tai among its supporters?
A minakshi written
B Sushma Swaraj
C Sumitra Mahajan
D Mamta Banerjee
Answer: Sumitra Mahajan
53 ) Which of these British vehicle brands is owned by an Indian company?
A Bentley
B Land Rover
C Aston Martin
D Rolls Royce
North Land Rover
54 ) Who among these was elected twice for the post of Vice-President of India?
A Mohammad Hamid Ansari
B Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
C Shankar Dayal Sharma
D Krishna Kant
Answer: Mohammad Hamid Ansari
55 ) In which of these games, both Indian women and men’s players have won medals in Olympic Games?
A badminton
B boxing
C shooting
D weight lifting
Answer: Boxing
56 ) Which of these Indian states is bordered by most states or union territories?
A Uttar Pradesh
B Andhra Pradesh
C Maharashtra
D Rajasthan
Uttar Uttar Pradesh
57 ) Where are Ashok Columns, Saraswati Kupa and Jodha Bai Palace located from all these?
A Amer Fort
B Kandahar
C Allahabad Fort
D Fatehpur Sikri
Answer: The fort of Allahabad
58 ) Which of the following is Tata Group’s oldest business that still exists?
A Tata Steel
B Indian Hotels
C Tata Motors
D Tata; Consultancy Services
Answer: Indian Hotels (1902)
59 ) Which name of Lord Vishnu is derived from a Sanskrit word which means Kamal?
A jagannath
B Keshav
C Madhava
D Padmanabha
Answer: Padmanabh

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