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Basic General General Knowledge Question Answers GK

Question: Who has designed the identity symbol (₹) of Indian rupee
[A] Ajit Rastogi
[B] D. Uday Kumar
[C] Aditya Puri
[D] Mahesh Kumar
Answer: [B] D. Uday Kumar

Question: What is the ratio of the width and length of the national flag?
[A] 2: 2
[B] 2: 3
[C] 3: 2
[D] 1: 2
Answer: [B] 2: 3

Question:  When did Facebook start?
[A] 2004
[B] 2005
[C] 2006
[D] 2007
Answer: [A] 2004

Question:  In which year Whatsapp was launched?
[A] 2010
[B] 2009
[C] 2008
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] 2009

Question: In which year Yahoo! Was launched?
[A] 1 March 1990
[B] 30 March 1999
[C] 2 March 1995
[D] None of these
Answer: [C] 2 March 1995

Question:  In which year Google was launched?
[A] 4 September 1998
[B] 1 January 1998
[C] 30 September 1998
[D] None of these
Answer: [A] 4 September 1998

Question: In which year Gmail was started?
[A] 1 April 2002
[B] 1 April 2004
[C] 30 April 2006
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] 1 April 2004

Question: In PIN Code “PIN” Stands For
[A] Postal Index Numbering
[B] Permanent Identity Number
[C] Postal Index Number
[D] None of these
Answer: [C] Postal Index Number

Question: “SIM” Stands For
[A] Subscriber Identity Module
[B] Service Identity Module
[C] Service Identity Monitor
[D] None of these
Answer: [A] Subscriber Identity Module

Question: Name of the Current CEO of Google?
[A] Sundar Pichai
[B] Larry  Page
[C] Satya Nadella
[D] None of these
Answer: [A] Sundar Pichai

Question: The detailed form of e-mail is:
[A] Electrical Mail
[B] Electronic Mail
[C] Elastic Mail
[D] None of the above
Answer: [B] Electronic Mail

Question: Who compiled the computer mouse in 1964
[A] Christopher
[B] G. Thompson
[C] Dr. Douglas Engelwart
[D] Harris Hariman
Answer: [C] Dr. Douglas Engelwart

Question: Which planet is the closest planet of Earth?
[A] Mars
[B] Saturn
[C] Venus
[D] Arun
Answer: [C] Venus

Question: When was India’s first satellite Aryabhatta left?
[A] In 1972
[B] In 1974
[C] In 1975
[D] In 1970
Answer: (C) in 1975

Question: Which Ministry’s responsibility is to organize Republic Day Parade?
[A] Ministry of Defense
[B] HR
[C] Ministry of Home Affairs
[D] Ministry of Science and Technology
Answer: [A] Ministry of Defense

Question: Who is the richest man of India? (2018)
[A] Mukesh Ambani
[B] Anil Ambani
[C] Shiv Nadar
[D] Azim Premji
Answer: [A] Mukesh Ambani

Common GK Quiz Basic General Awareness GK Question Answers Quiz

Question: Which is the longest dam in India?
[A] Bhakra Nagal dam
[B] Tehri Dam
[C] Hirakud Dam
[D] None of these
Answer: [C] Hirakud Dam

Question: Which is the smallest centrally administered region in India?
[A] Chandigarh
[B] Andaman and Nicobar
[C] Lakshadweep
[D] Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Answer: [C] Lakshadweep

Question: Name of the first person who step on the moon?
[A] Neil Armstrong
[B] Edwin Eugene Aldrin
[C] Sally Ride
[D] None of these
Answer:  [A] Neil Armstrong

Question: How many colors are there in the ray of the sun?
[A] 7
[B] 5
[C] 8
[D] None of these
Answer: [A] 7

Question:  Which Indian cricketer has the distinction of making the most runs in Test cricket?
[A] Sunil Gavaskar
[B] Sachin TendulKar
[C] Virat Kohli
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] Sachin Tendulkar

Question: “FM” stands for
[A] Frequency Module
[B] Frequency Modulation
[C] Frequent Monitor
[D] None of these
Answer: [B] Frequency Modulation

Question: SMS Stands for
[A] Short Message Services
[B] Service Message Services
[C] Subscriber Message Services
[D] None of these
Answer: [A] Short Message Services

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