Important Computer Awareness GK Quiz

IT GK Question

Question: Yahoo, Google, and MSN  [A] website [B] computer brand [C] Mobile brand [D] None of these Answer: [A] Internet site Question: It is said that the physical structure of the computer  [A] software [B] hardware [C] firmware [D] None of these Answer: [B] hardware Question: The program of the following for the first …

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Indian History GK Quiz General Knowledge Question

History MCQ

Question: What is the ruling of the following was built stupas of Sanchi? [A] Ashok [B] Bindusar [C] Humayun [D] Shahjahan Answer: [A] Ashok Question: Megasthenes whose ambassador? [A] Mohammad Ghauri [B] Qutb Aibak [C] Dharam [D] Seleucus Answer: [D] Seleucus Question: Buddha had to whence his first sermon [A] …

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English Grammar Multiple Questions Section 1


01. The students and instructors each ________for a new facility by next year. (a) hopes (b) hope (c) has hoped (d) none of these Answers with Reason (b) When ‘each’ or ‘every’ comes after the compound subject, a plural verb – ‘hope’ – is appropriate. 02. Either my mother or my …

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MCQ on E Commerce (With Answer) (B.Com)

1.Which of the following describes e‐commerce? a. Doing business electronically b. Doing business c. Sale of goods d. All of the above Answer: A 2.Which of the following is part of the four main types for e‐commerce? a. B2B b. B2C c. C2B d. All of the above Answer: D …

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Computer Awareness 1


1. ____________ is a set of computer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks.  a) An instruction b) Software c) Memory d) A processor 1. b) Software 2. System software is the set of programs that enables your computer’s hardware devices and ____________ software to work together.  a) …

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Indian Polity MCQ

1. During which ofthe following periods did the Constituent Assembly deliberate upon finalization ofthe Constitution of India ? A. November, 1946 November, 1949 B. November, 1947 November, 1949 C. December, 1946 November, 1949 D. December, 1947 November, 1949 ANS 1. C 2. Number of districtsin West Bengal at present is …

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Indian History Part 1

1. Ajatasatru wasson of A. Bimisara B. Udayin C. Shisunaga D. None of above Ans 1. A Ajatasatru wasson of Bimisara.He jailed hisfatherto declare himself as king.Bimisara was himself a very brave king. 2. The Shisunaga Dynasty was overthrown by A. Bimisara B. Ajatashatru C. Mahapadma D. Chandragupta Maurya Ans …

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